@NomadYoga we practice yoga-inspired sequences that prepare for mindful and pain-free movement. Asanas (body postures) combined with breath awareness help in raising energy and understanding body dynamics.

If you feel that despite frequent visits at gym, your body is missing lightness and flexibility then NomadYoga is for you. Small symptoms like lower back pain or stiffness in shoulders after sitting for several hours can lead to chronic tensions.
Being unable to move your body comfortably can lead to chronic irritations or anger eruptions (do you remember this long line in supermarket or traffic jam on the way home?)

NomadYoga calms down and reduces daily fatigue from sitting behind desk & screen. It helps in staying focused and committed to small daily improvements. Idea behind our interpretation of yoga  is to take care of the body posture to impact clarity of mind.

Invest 60 min per week to improve your body posture and relieve it from work related pain.
We offer classes on demand @office, home or online.

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